Allen Kieffer has over 25 years of retail design and construction experience. He followed his passion into the retail design and construction field. Working for Fortune 500 global companies such as Fedex/Kinko’s and Guess? Inc., for the last 10 years, he oversaw global store design and brand store identity, as well as construction of the companies’ retail stores around the world in 80+ countries as the Vice President of Retail Development.


Silvia Morroni was born in Gualdo Tadino (PG). In 2010 she graduated in Architecture U.E. at the University of Florence, address in urban design. She has worked with several studies of Architecture in Florence, developing interest in design and interior architecture.


Eirini Mavrochi was born in Corfù, Greece; she graduates in Florence at the Faculty of Architecture in 2006, specializing in urban design.
She started her professional career working in Athens where she develops a high interest in large scale architecture in all its phases, from planning to execution.


Marco Muceli, was born in Lanusei (OG), graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence began his career working in the drafting of some college textbooks. He deepens his interest in restoring working at the Archaeological Superintendence of Florence. In the meantime he also works in different offices of Architecture in Florence developing strong skills for engineering design and 3D graphics.


Valeria Sabatino was born in Genoa, she graduates in 2005 at the Faculty of Arts of Florence, specializing in Art History.
She works as a post-graduate internship at the University of Rome and later in in Dublin, Ireland.


Sabrina Cappetta was born in Hamburg, Germany and she graduates at the
Faculty of Architecture, University Federico II of Naples in 2008.
She works with several architectural firms in Naples and Florence developing particular interest in urban planning, design and interior architecture.


Francesca Rigutini graduated in 2008 in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence with a thesis on the regeneration of the exhibition spaces. She is mainly focused in interior design, products and retail.


Emi Endo was born in Tottori, Japan; she graduated in “Interior Design” at the University of Mukogawa.
She moves to Italy in 2002 where she graduates in Furniture design and Furniture at the Italian Academy of Florence.
She began her professional career working with several architectural firms in Tokyo and Florence as a retail and interior designer.


Giulia Cupelli was born in Florence in 2008 she graduated in Architecture at the EU, in environmental design, with a curriculum for training in ecological design and innovation for the environment, at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence. Her career continued in the field of interior design.


Alessandra Gatteschi was born in Florence, where in 2009 she graduates with a degree in design at the Faculty of Architecture. Her training is developed as part of interior design with a particular interest in composition and design for events.