Alessandra Gatteschi was born in Florence, where in 2009 she graduates with a degree in design at the Faculty of Architecture. Her training is developed as part of interior design with a particular interest in composition and design for events.


Elena Federico was born in Lecce, in 2007 she graduated in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence in 2009 and she specializes in the Polidesign of Milan in Design for the development of the industrial product. She began her professional experience working with many Designers and Architects in Milan and Florence. She continued her career as a designer in products and interior design and she takes part in many design exhibitions.


Daniela Girelli was born in Lecce and graduated from the University of Architecture in Florence in 2003. As a freelancer, she takes care of design of private residential buildings and renovation of historic buildings, working with several architectural firms in Florence where she grows her interest in design, fashion and interior design.